TAP 93. Nice Numbers! An Interview with Alexandra Porter

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If you’re a regular listener to my podcast, you’ll know I’ve featured interviews with real estate agents from many different places all at different stages in their careers.

Some are new, while others are seasoned pros but in each case, they share a unique skill.

One of the great things about hosting a podcast dedicated to unpacking the success of top agents is that I get to connect and speak with some amazing people and today’s guest is no exception. In fact, I think we’ve created some pretty awesome content and the all important facts can be summarsied by these numbers.

  • 3. The number in her team including an executive assistant and a buyer manager
  • 8.30am to 12 noon.  The 3 and a half hours she dedicates to prospecting Monday to Friday
  • 20,000.  Is the number of contacts in her database
  • 15 the average number of listings she carries at anyone time
  • 102 a number of sales she completed in the last 12 months
  • 1.15 mIllion Her GCI for the last yearAlexandra Porter is an 11 year real estate veteran working out of the Brisbane suburb of Aspley under the rapidly expanding Coronis brand.As you’re about to hear, she’s all business and offers a very simple yet powerful and proven formula for sustainable real estate success.Wherever you are in your career, I know you going to get maximum value from this interview with Alex.