TAP 94. A Brand New Vision. An Interview With Anna Thomas

It’s a competitive world and real estate brands are innovating heavily to compete for market share.  I’m always keen to explore their uniqueness and what they’re bringing to the table to attract franchisees and personnel.

I want to let you know there’s some great content coming your way in the next few weeks.

I recently caught up with McGrath mega agent Adrian Bo who shares how he built his database of 18,000 contacts one contact at a time. Here’s a 2million plus a year performer who is the epitome of a great systems focussed agent. You’ll be surprised and inspired by his ideas and tactics. His pre-listing phone call script could be an episode all by itself.

The Digital Entreprenuer is one of my favourite podcasts and I was thrilled when host Sean Jackson said yes to my interview request. He has some brilliant strategies for how agents can leverage advances in digital technology and if you miss this episode and one of your competitors doesn’t, I guarantee you’ll kick yourself. Among other things, Sean and I get into how you can start an amazing blog and website for $12 a month.

And my friend from WA Prash Nayar shows us how he’s winning with a very cool video strategy and how you can do it too.

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I’ve featured a number of interviews with leaders from successful real estate groups before.

This episode is with the Chief Operating Officer of a real estate business that has reinvented itself after more than 80 years. No easy thing.

But these days, fresh colors and a new sans serif font are not really considered innovative.

Real estate franchisees are looking for more support, more training, more marketing and better systems. They want to reduce their costs and win more business with new ideas and a fresh approach.

Melbourne based Stockdale and Leggo is answering the call and they’re leading from the top.

The group’s COO Anna Thomas is a energetic and engaging change in a world of male leaders traditionally found in our industry.

The real innovations Anna is implementing look at reducing costs with shared services and other ideas like corporate coaching that address the needs of not just real estate sales people, but property management and admin teams.

From a career background with household names like Optus, AXA and Hewlett Packard, Anna brings a different spin to her role as only someone who comes from outside the industry can.

You’ll find more information about Anna and her company in the show notes. I started out asking her what sets Stockdale and Leggo apart from other real estate groups.

About Anna: Anna in 3 words: Determined, visionary, passionate

Anna’s Role: Anna Thomas has recently stepped into the role of Chief Operating Officer within the Stockdale & Leggo group and brings with her a wealth of experience in sales, customer service, training and recruitment from a range of blue chip companies such as Optus, Colonial State Bank, AXA Australia, Hewlett Packard and Drake International.

Anna has been the driving force behind the relaunch of the brand, the implementation of state of the art IT systems, and is leading a major cultural shift to install an infrastructure which will allow the business to thrive and scale thereby ensuring the success of partners and suppliers. Anna envisages a reality where Stockdale & Leggo is setting the pace and challenging others to keep up.

What She Brings: Anna firmly believes that ‘teamwork makes the dream work’. She believes the company’s success is built on its people and through the commitment and quality of the brand’s partners, suppliers and employees, Stockdale & Leggo will lead the industry into the next 10 years and beyond.

In Anna’s very limited down time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children and playing with the two family dogs, Hudson and Flash, on their 22 acre property. Anna’s favourite night is Friday where she can finally relax and unwind after a long week, treating herself to a beautiful glass of red alongside some delicious cheese and biscuits.

Contact Anna: (03) 9529 4955
Website: StockdaleLeggo.com.au
email: athomas@stockdaleleggo.com.au



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