TAP 97. Agents makes $229,000 from Facebook Marketing Formula. An Interview with Steve Osborn. A Podcast For Real Estate Agents

You need to be prepared to invest and you need to be prepared to wait… but there’s no doubt that Facebook advertising works IF you get it right.

If you listened to Episode 96 and my interview with Sean Jackson, you will (hopefully) have been inspired to finally get going with that Podcast you’ve been threatening to start.

There are a hundred reasons why you should do it but let me share just one; I don’t know of ANYONE who has started their own Podcast and regretted it. In fact most Podcasters I speak with tell me their podcast is now the MAIN REASON for their success.

We only have 10 places at a discount deal to come on board and we’ll help you create and produce your own Podcast.  Email me today for more info.

Did you know that, in the US this year (2017)  more money will be spent advertising on Facebook than ALL US television networks? Why? Two reasons. You can tightly target your market and actually target specific people and because you can quickly measure if you’re ad is working.

Steve Osborn from social media marketing group Identity Marketing is all over Facebook advertising with a long list of happy agent clients throughout Australia and NZ.

I’m delighted to feature Steve on my Podcast for real estate agents and suggest you take a close look at how Steve and his team are getting their amazing results.

Check out Steve’s video where he profiles the agent who’s made $229,000 in Facebook generated listings so far!

And here’s the Identity Marketing Website!