TAP 98. The Million Dollar Real Estate Team. An Interview With Chris Watters. A Podcast For Real Estate Agents

Today’s guest is not so much a rags to riches story but I couch to riches story. Let me explain:

In the middle of the recession and in one of the most competitive property markets in America, he went from sleeping on his girlfriends couch to becoming a $1 million dollar income earner in just three years.

And then he did what I wish every million dollar Performer would do, he wrote a book about it.

Before I get into my interview with super agent Chris Watters from Austin Texas let me tell you a little bit more about his book and why you need it:

Ever feel like you can’t jump off the real estate merry-go-round of property showings, listing appointments and one transactional fire after another?

Do you want to build a team that can operate without you day to day involvement but don’t know where to begin?

If you’re like thousands of other successful agents you probably feel like you’re producing is as much as you can but moving from being Captain Everything to running a team sounds too daunting.

In his brand-new book THE MILLION DOLLAR REAL ESTATE TEAM, Chris takes you through his personal journey of failing forward to find massive success.

This book provides real-life results from someone who’s actually done it. Chris shares the huge setbacks, big wins and the valuable lessons that will help you achieve the exponential growth you looking for.

Think you have what it takes to build 1 million Dollar real estate team in 3 years? Let’s find out.

I’ve just finished reading Chris’s book that he co-wrote with Bradley Pounds and it’s a brilliant and very comprehensive step by step, how-to manual that covers the A to Z (or A to Zee as the say in Texas) of exactly how you go about building a mega team in any market and any location.

To grab your copy of go to wirbook.com and I’ll also include the link in the show notes.

Okay. Let’s do it.