TAP 211. The 7 Specific Tasks + Actions That Guarantee Real Estate Success

I’m BACK! With this episode, I take you step-by-step through the 7 Specific tasks and actions that guarantee success. So what’s my guarantee? I share that in the video at the start!

Sarah is just getting into her third year in real estate. When she started, listings were plentiful and selling fast. Then …the market changed, and in Sarah’s patch there were suddenly half as many listings but just as many agents.

I’m happy to report that Sarah totally reinvented her working day, week and month by sticking to the 7 specific tasks I share in the video.

I speak with top agents every day who are more than happy to share their best ideas. But I notice some agents are getting distracted in this ‘new’ market and not getting their share so here are the best 7 SPECIFIC TASKS AND ACTIONS that I GUARANTEE will work if you work them.

If you’re new to real estate or in your first few years like Sarah and need a ‘push’ I think you’ll get some real value.

If you’ve been in real estate a while but want to reinvent your personal brand and shake things up then I can’t think of a better ‘Guarantee’ to get you motivated and winning more listings and sales.

Be sure to reach out if I can help 😎 ray@bestagentsinc.com