7 Low or No-Cost Facebook Marketing Ideas I’m Begging You To Try. By Ray Wood

There’s so much you can do with social media (and Facebook in particular) without spending too much money at all.

I’ve put these 7 ideas together to help you get set up ASAP. (make sure you let me know if you have any questions)

Are you familiar with this marketing mantra? ‘It’s not what you know or who you know… it’s who knows you’

I know you rely on me to make a solid contribution with good ideas to make sure you better engage with past, current and future contacts.

…and one of the easiest, fastest, most effective but most misunderstood ways to do that is with Facebook.

Posting listings and sales is great but there’s not a lot of engagement going on …have you noticed?

I love the celebration around a sale (mostly because I know the agent and I’m rooting for their success) but it’s not unique and doesn’t genuinely engage me or other FB folk with the exception of your mum and Auntie Cath who remembers when you were ‘this’ big 🙂

We want more eyeballs so we give Mark more money and boost our posts in the hope something will come out of it. We buy leads.

Okay, maybe you ‘have’ to boost that listing because your seller is expecting you to increase their marketing footprint and reach more buyers but is it really doing the job you want?

In fact, I would say posts about listings and sales are the least engaging content… stay with me here.

So instead, I want to share some solid and proven ideas that will take your engagement through the roof.

1. Use video
Video engagement is massive but keep it short. Get someone to film you edgy CSI style in front of your listing and say something like:

“Hi it’s (your name) here from XYZ real estate and welcome to 123 Main Street Maintown. This is an awesome 4 bedroom family home looking for an awesome family. If you think you might be a fit and want to see inside, message me privately and I’ll set it up”

So what just happened?

  • Well all it cost you was your time
  • You’ve just created great content (the greater the content, the longer it lasts and the more people organically view it)
  • You are not only highlighting your listing but also your professional services
  • It’s video so you’ll get more eyeballs and it’s only 15 seconds (I timed it)
  • Most (if not all) of your competition are not doing this so you’ll stand out like Donald Trump at Greenpeace rally!

What’s that? You’re not ready? It’s not going to be perfect? You’ll look like a dork in front of your real estate friends? You’ve never done a video before?

I hear you. Been there. Scared the bejezzus outa me but so glad I did it. And guess what? If you don’t come over like a seasoned pro that’s even better. A little vulnerability goes a long way. Folks think: “You know what? Kevin’s face-to-camera routine is a little ghetto but I admire the heck out of the guy for getting up there and having a go. And look at the views he’s getting”

Facebook LOVES video content. Did you know their algorithms are tuned to search and promote it all the time?

If you’re not doing videos like that you’re leaving mucho dinero on the table.

2. Tell a story
Search for a story about your listing or sale. Did the owner endure some challenges to buy it in the first place? Did someone famous once visit? Did something happen nearby back in the day? Ask the owner for a story…  anything… about the house you can spin. Folks love stories. That’s why Hollywood and Netflix are in business.

3. Feature local people and influencers
Scott Lachmund from Caboolture Queensland is a master at this. He regularly features local identities like sportspeople, business owners, civic leaders and even the fire chief on his own show.

Can you guess what happens next? The people he interviewed share the video because it’s all about them and it’s great content.

So right now we’re in COVID. What about a quick interview with the local school principal telling the community what’s going on. This is relevant important content and you just gave the school and the principal a voice. At the first chance she gets, she’ll share it on the school Facebook page.

Seriously? What have you got to lose?

4. Create Original content and post it to your website blog
Back in the day, if we wanted to connect with our market and get our name and business in front of people we paid big (make that stupid) money for a newspaper or magazine ad.

So how long does that last?

A day? 48 hours?

But when you create a Youtube video featuring your interview with the local bakery owner or Police chief or local member, it’s there forever.

But it get’s better.

When you post it to your blog using a stream of relevant keywords and keyword phrases, you’re directly engaging new contacts you don’t even know but they know you. And that’s the magic formula.

Who are the local traders and professionals you use who would make good content? What about your accountant at tax time?

Amazing original content is everywhere.

Search the community Facebook page or pages for your area and see who they’re highlighting and promoting. I bet there’s some kind of fun run or charity coming up they would LOVE your help to promote.

5. Comment regularly
If a post engages you, engage back with a quick comment (make sure it’s at least a few words)

Facebook is FULL of people who consume information anonymously without giving a like or making a comment.

Studies have proven that people genuinely appreciate positive feedback. From memory, I think it triggers their dopamine gland that gives them a little buzz.

Whatever, it’s powerful and you’re making a power-connection when you do it. You’re also making an emotional deposit that may result in some form of future relationship. In fact, it’s probably one of the best ways you can engage.

I don’t know about you but I feel good praising or complimenting a Facebook friend. In a world of negativity and haters, it’s a small beacon of positive acknowledgement.

6. The power of a hand-written note
This has nothing to do with Facebook but has everything to do with marketing.

But for many Facebook is so dominating and pervasive that this much loved but forgotten gem usually slips through the cracks.

Have you received a hand-written note lately? It’s great to get messages like that because folks appreciate the power of simple communication.

You also will enjoy the added benefit of a 100% open rate.

Here’s a cool idea to send to your business contacts.

Get some EMERGENCY NUMBER fridge magnets made up (they last longer and have more impact than calendars) and send out 5 a day to your contacts with a handwritten note.

7. Know your crowd
The great thing about Facebook and another reason I love it is that I can quickly learn more about my FB friends. If you’re going to leave a meaningful comment as I mentioned above, it needs to be on target with the specifics around that person in mind.

They will quickly be able to tell you’ve put some thought into your comment and that you genuinely care.

Ray Wood is founding CEO at Bestagents Inc.

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