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2020 Vision

There’s too much positive evidence to ignore the power of Goal Planning. Let’s look at these 5 areas and plan for 2020

Goal Planning

Once you have your goals written down, copy them into your journal and carry it with you everywhere. Look at it every day and it will tell you where you need to spend time and resources.

This is a straight forward exercise. The trick is to do it carefully and logically.  In other words, nominating an annual gross income figure is just a dream without a strategy to back it up. If a family goal is to take every Friday afternoon off, how are you locking that in?

Goal Planning is two parts.  The GOAL and the PLAN to make it happen.

  1. Business Goals. What numbers do you want to do for the year ahead?
  2.  Financial Goals. Do you want to reduce debt? Reach a ‘rainy day’ savings target or save for a mortgage?
  3.  Critical Friends and People. Who are the critical people you want to spend time with in your life? How are you going to make it happen?
  4.  Family Goals. What’s important to you and your family? Time together? Where and when?
  5.  Personal Goals. Health and fitness. Your mindset. What’s fueling your personal energy each and every day?


The 5 Lead Streams to Cultivate

1. Personal Contacts, Friends and Family.
2. Business Contacts. Trades and Contractors.
3. Database (includes former buyers and sellers)
4. BDA. Business Development Area
5. Just Listed. Just Sold.

Most (if not all) of your leads will come from one of these 5 lead stream sources.

For most agents, Personal Contacts, Friends and Family is a constant source of regular leads. People do business with people they know, like and trust. But this group needs to be cultivated like any other. Look for ways to help them in their endeavors no matter what they are.

There’s an awesome template in the Get Listings Category at just for this.  It’s called the Professional List. It’s a summary of your Business Contacts, Trades and Contractors and you need to constantly remind them that they are on your list.

Your Database or CRM is where you keep all former buyers and sellers. Do not neglect this group as most agents do. Reach out and connect on a regular basis. This is also where you’ll keep your hot seller leads and buyers.

Carefully chose your BDA. You need a good solid turnover on a regular basis. Select an area of 500 homes and get to know as many owners as you can.  There are plenty of lead gen flyers and ideas in Jigglar. Print a few hundred and go doorknocking on a Saturday when more people are home. When you have connected with your first 500, select your next 500 in the same area.  When you’ve connected with 1500, get yourself a PA

Just Listed and Just Sold prospecting is proven to be powerful and effective.  You can prospect around your own listings and sales or your competitors especially if they are in your BDA.