Virtual Conference + Meeting Platform

Getting set up to operate virtually is critical right now and fortunately, there’s a healthy range of awesome tech options ready and waiting to come to the rescue.

Yesterday I reached out to Inman Group technology writer Craig Rowe who sent me a recent blog he wrote comparing the best Virtual Conferencing Platforms. If you subscribe to Inman News you may have seen the article. But if not, here’s what Craig suggests.

“In response to the COVID-19 crisis, UberConference has moved its free account user level from 10 people to 50. This can make educational webinars, group market updates and broker sales meetings much more doable.
Over the years, I’ve found UberConference to be the easiest to use and most consistently stable online meeting tool. The interface puts the most important buttons upfront and doesn’t confuse the user with unclear icons.

I admit to never being in a meeting big enough to need its voice-identification tool, but I bet it’s a super-easy way to track who asked what during a well-attended meeting. Best of all? No downloads! Plus you can customize the wait-time music, which is a fun touch and makes UberConference the least clinical-feeling option” Craig Rowe. Technology Writer. Inman Group.

If you’re not set up with a Virtual Meeting Platform by now, check out and grab a permanent free account. If you subscribe to Inman News, here’s the full article

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