This Real Estate Productivity Tool is like a Time Machine. By Aaron Shiner

Invest a few minutes with me now and I promise to make you some money… and not just a little money, a lot.

I’m about to share something with you that when applied, will give you a very handsome return on your time investment.  In fact, I’ll go on record and say that if you follow my lead and example, what I’m about to share will set you up for life.

But first I need to set the stage.  If I swagger in shooting like a character in a Quentin Tarantino movie, you’ll miss the point.

I’m now in my 16th year in real estate and I’m 34 years old.

I look around at many who are getting close to twice my age and into the twilight of their real estate careers. They may be older but I need to question if they’re wiser.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I’m not expressing any lack of respect for my elders, just pure frustration… I’m frustrated FOR them and here’s why:
Today’s real estate cycle turns very quickly.  Think about it:  Our industry has never had to deal with so much change, so much technology and so much uncertainty.

Most agents are working longer and harder than ever because stuff costs more and there are more demands on us from all directions.

I look around at the 40 and 50 somethings who are doing what they did 15 years ago in terms of income and notice they have made little or no attempt to leverage new technology that real estate’s best are profiting wildly from.

Did these guys totally miss the memo?

Did they think the internet was a passing fad like Rubic’s cube or the slinky?

But thankfully I also know of many 50 year old plus agents who have rolled up their sleeves and learned everything they need about new technology and leveraged it into their real estate businesses.

They never moan or offer excuses about being a dinosaur or technologically illiterate, they just shut up and ‘do’.

So who am I to ‘lecture’ those in our industry less fortunate than myself?

Why should you copy my ideas and follow my lead?

Let me quickly share my story: School failed to engage me and I failed to learn.  I had an entrepreneurial hunger that burned like a February grass fire but there was too much in the way.

Fortunately I found real estate (or maybe it found me). The universe can be awesome when you least expect it.

Last month I did $127,000 in commission and I average at least $100,000 each month regardless of Liberal or Labour, interest rates, the economy, the real estate market, the other 290 agents I compete with, or supply and demand.

But here’s the thing I want to share that will set you up for life.

Here’s the lesson I’ve learned over the last 8 years and a philosophy or business practice I’ve adopted that has given me more wealth than I ever dreamed possible:
The more I leverage technology in my business, the more I earn.

I feel like grabbing that sentence and blowing it up to the size of the biggest neon on the Las Vegas strip so you get it loud and clear because it’s the single biggest reason for my success.

My first 18 months in real estate was a massive learning curve.  But unlike school, real estate engaged me.  I was thirsty for knowledge and my earning curve followed my learning curve.

I learned that real estate is mostly the continual repetition of a set of similar tasks.

Think about the whole real estate process from prospecting to making the sale.   Think about how we all do a similar series of tasks to produce the same result.

I became obsessed with systemising EVERYTHING I did.

Why spend time custom building a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) for each occasion when I could build the template and just fill in the blanks in one poofteenth the time?

Why send out freshly written prospecting emails, letters or sms messages when I can repeat the ones that work the best?

After 5 years I was doing well.  Not awesome but well…  Then something happened that doubled my income and doubled it again: Real Estate Software.

Suddenly I had a ‘home’ for all my systems.

Finding stuff was easy and my productivity skyrocketed.  In all honesty, I could not do the numbers I do without real estate software.

Your most precious resource is time right?  Money literally can’t buy it…  Or can it?

My real estate software program has let me earn way more money AND give me more time.

Real estate software IS my time machine and if you aspire to following my lead and doubling your take home, it needs to be yours as well.

Think about it. If you can effectively reach out and really connect creatively and informativeily with 1000 people in the same time it takes you to connect with one, isn’t that going to boost your results? There’s no way it can’t work!

Every day, people ask me what software I use.  I use LockedOn and in the interests of full disclosure, I am a passionate partner in this business.

But do you think I would be using LockedOn if it wasn’t the best software available?  Of course not… Why would I risk or jeopardize a million dollar income with second rate software?

You’re invited to try LockedOn for yourself.  I’d love to know what you think.

LockedOn makes it easy to get more time and income from your real estate career.

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