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I help real estate businesses and agents scale and grow using advanced AI to attract, nurture and convert more seller leads to listings and sales

My area of expertise is working with real estate professionals to boost results and grow their brand and income using AI-powered marketing platforms and proven real estate funnels that attract, nurture and convert new contacts to listings and sales.

My team and I deliver a done-for-you system that generates new-business leads in different niches. It then nurtures those leads via an automated series of emails and text messages linked to specific calls-to-action.

  • I'm the founder at (create compelling online Ads in seconds with AI)
  • Co-Founder at (a creative marketing platform for agents)
  • Host + Presenter at (a Podcast for real estate agents)
  • Co-Founder at (state-of-the-art real estate software)

I'm a 4th generation real estate agent and auctioneer from Melbourne Australia living in Toronto since 2008 and the best-selling author of 'How To Sell Your Home For More'  (more than 400,000 copies sold)

REAL ESTATE FUNNEL$ is my latest book


“Real Estate Funnel$ was just the tonic for me who has been stuck for months looking for stimulation to reinvigorate my real estate sales business. Full of practical ideas on how to establish and maintain a rich pipeline of leads that has led to me generating 12 -15 new seller leads a week - thanks Ray

Peter D'Arcy. Owner/Broker.  D'Arcy Estate Agents. Ashgrove Brisbane

“I knew Ray would write a book about Real Estate Funnels sooner or later and I’m loving it. The blueprint is easy to follow and I’m blown away he’s actually sharing so much of his secret sauce. 5 Stars!!” 

Brent Attaway. Bestselling Author of Follow Up Fortunes

“REAL ESTATE FUNNEL$ fills the void for the hundreds of thousands of Agents who start a business each year, but are never taught the ‘secret sauce’ to gain new listings. I have met semi-successful agents who have been practicing for over a decade, who still don’t understand the concepts laid out clearly in REAL ESTATE FUNNEL$”

Peter Schravemade, Managing Partner. REACH ASEA. for Second Century Ventures.

“All you need is 1-to-3 funnels”… This book is like a choose-your-own-adventure… and the reward is a pot of gold and a fun journey along the way!” 

Dan Wood. Ask Me About Real Estate



I grew up in a real estate family.  It was the business that provided everything we had and it was all we talked about.  Each day brought new real estate related tales and adventures shared around the family dinner table.

My father Bill, is a gifted marketer, auctioneer, and negotiator and there was always a deal in the wind or an interesting farm or property coming up for sale.

In 1980 my father co-founded the First National real estate group which is now the dominant co-operative style real estate marketing group in Australia and New Zealand.

I never met my great-grandfather, Henry Ashton (Harry) Wood. He died well before I was born. That's him in the middle in the photo above.

This shot was taken in the early 1900s at Swan Hill (Victoria Australia) and my grandfather Ray, a strapping 19 year old (and an excellent Australian Rules Football ruckman from all reports) is on the right.  Their office was fairly basic with dirt floors and hessian (burlap) walls.

In another 10 years, the great depression would hit and young Ray's business baptism would begin. My Dad, who joined the business in the early 1950s says his father was an exceptional businessman who steered the company through many tough economic times including the great depression of the late 1920s

My father is my role model and mentor. He is respected and loved by friends, family, and clients. When faced with a difficult choice, I sometimes find myself thinking... "What would Bill do?"

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